Unexpected Place in the City

It’s crazy how easy it is to come across a place you never imagined you’d find in a city you didn’t really like in the first place. Unexpectedly beautiful places help discover the charm of the city you call home.

I moved to Gandhinagar last year and was not really all that happy. See, I used to live in Pune once. And anyone who has lived there at any point in their lives knows this: any city after Pune seems a big strange. Gandhinagar even more so! The city seemed like bare bones! I moved here for lots of reasons, none of them were the beauty of the city. So I had no choice but to find reasons to like living here.

All places have their own charisma and special characteristics. I took it upon myself as a challenge to find the true character and vibe of the capital city of Gujarat. I do like it more than when I first arrived, so yay! But what made this change? Why I like living here now? What are some of my favorite places in and around Gandhinagar? I will write more and share photos of this unexpected beauty I found!

For those who are lost, there will always be cities that feel like home.

Simon Van Booy, Everything Beautiful Began After

The very first unexpected place in Gandhingar I found is the Indroda Nature Park. There is a full blown nature park and a zoo inside the city! I never imagined I’d find something like this here. It’s not that far from my place and it’s a great outing for family and friends.

The map of Gujarat at the entrance of the park
Entrance to the park

There is a dinosaur park there. You can roam around the blocked road and have a fun time imagining they were real. That’s what I did anyway!

First one you meet in the park!
He looks really mad though!
This one was my favorite in the movies.

There are of course a lot of trees!

Places to catch your breath and enjoy the view!

And it seems we are not the only ones using it!

Nice little paths curving ahead…

There are all kinds of living creatures to accompany you.

Cool way to rest in the heat.
And the king himself.

It’s great place to chill and enjoy a nice walk. It might take you 3-4 hours if you plan to take a lot of breaks and enjoy some snacks in between. And there are crocodiles too, but I haven’t had the chance to explore that part of the park yet.

If you are in the city, this place is a must visit. Enjoy!

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