Information Overload

Lately I have been experiencing information overload! I belong to the generation of people who didn’t always have google available. I used to visit my school library and search for books that talked about the subjects that I wanted to know more about.

Even with less resources, rather slow resources I was happy with knowing something new. Learning. Gaining experience and becoming better at learning. These days, all the information about anything you ever wanted to know about is at the click of a mouse button! Sometimes it is too much. It seems my brain cannot assimilate everything the internet has to offer on the first page of my search result. It is time to take a deep breath and take a step back. Explore in detail and at a slower speed. Learn instead of just browsing endless scrolls of infinite news.

I want to bring back the curiosity and happiness of learning. Learn to manage the knowledge I have instead of accumulating heaps of data without much understanding.

The joy of leaning and understanding the world around me.