Why am I here?

Here on the Earth. What am I doing? I am alive, but, what am I living for? To live a meaningful life? But, why? Why does life has to be meaningful? What does it mean to be meaningful? Useful? Happy? Good? Kind? Helpful to others?

Sometimes life looks like this.

What does it exactly mean to live a meaningful life? To create? To learn? To become a better person? To become a better human being? To spread love and happiness around me? To enjoy nature? Any one of those things or all of them combined and many more?

What is meaningful life?

Sometimes I don’t find a good enough reason to live for. I am here because I was born and now I am living. I just don’t know why!

Since, I don’t know why am I here, I need to find out. This is my first and only life and I don’t have any manual for this. How can I find out? By following my heart and doing what I want to do. I might not know why, but I can at least control the ‘how’. How I want to spend my time here?

I want to learn languages. I lot of them! I don’t have a natural ability to learn languages, I just work damn hard at it, and I like it. English has been my saviour. If it wasn’t for this language I wouldn’t have a job right now. Which makes me wonder how our random choices in childhood sometimes shape our adult lives. But, that’s a discussion for a different time. As I was writing, I want to learn a lot of languages, specially the ones that are spoken by less people. I want to travel to those places where people speak those languages and learn about the cultures where those languages were born, translate their literature if I can. That’s all. This is the major thing I want to do. There would be a lot of minor things I can and will do in my life, but, this is the major part I want to spend more time on.

Learn on

Learn new languages.

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