Are you happy with yourself?

Are you happy with who you are right now? Do you smile when you look at the mirror or does the mirror make you frown?

Do you need help? Do you need someone to talk to? Are you alone with crazy thoughts messing up your mind? Do you feel like crying but always hold back? Do you feel like speaking up but end up having inner monologues instead?

Are you having a hard time accepting yourself and your circumstances? Do you feel like your problems are increasing every minute and crushing your soul?

This is for you.

Hold on! Keep fighting. This time will pass. Better things will come your way. You will have a shoulder to lean on. You are becoming stronger. You are doing great. I can see the smile creeping on your lips very soon. Tough times are likes waves, they come at once and overwhelm you. But, so are happy times! Be ready for the happy waves. Keep fighting to find your happiness. You deserve it. You will get it.

Feel better. One breath at a time. We are all in this together. Keep going.