When was the last time you cried?

Sometimes I imagine people would see me crying. So they would know ah, she must be in pain, she must be hurting. She too can go through tough times. But, at the same time, I really hate showing my crying face to anyone. I can’t really say whether it’s embarrassment, shyness, not wanting to show my weakness, or just not wanting to show my ugly crying face, cannot really pin point what is it.

And it’s not like in the movies where the protagonists look pretty when crying, a drop of tear falls from an eye and the camera zooms in. In real life your lips quiver, voice cracks, your whole face gets hot and red. You try to hold it in but, even your nose is crying.

Just looking ugly is not real reason though. You don’t really want your friends, your family to see you like that. I think it’s not the same for everyone. For me though, it’s like that. Don’t like showing something affected me so much that I actually cried.

I don’t cry that much, not even by myself. I envy people who can. Not that many real life situations make me shed tears. But, I cry often due to imaginary stories. Tears would often well up in my eyes during movies, series, or reading books. I don’t really understand the reason clearly myself. Is it because of the background music? Well, books don’t have that.

Every time I have cried I remember the reasons, the times. The most frustrating is the crying when you don’t know the reason. Sometimes you just feel sad for no reason at all. Just everything and everyone seems depressing and hopeless and you just cry. Has that ever happened to you?

Last time I cried was when a character I liked was crying too. When was the last time you cried? Are you crying right now? Well, here’s a pretty flower for you. Feel better.

Pretty Flower

This too shall pass. Crying is natural. Just like laughing and getting angry. There is a reason behind all emotions. Try to think and find the cause for your troubled emotional state or anguish and get past it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but the process helps.

So when you feel like crying, cry. Be sad. Scream. Curse. Punch someone’s nose who deserves it and be stronger for the next day.