Skeletons of Men

“I suppose I can do that sir!”

“Do what dear?”

“Try to live…”

“What’s all this fuss about trying? Just dump that word and live!”

“That’s what I meant sir. I’ll try to live, as you suggest.”

“There it is again! Don’t use that word. Trying is a stupid word. You never really accomplish anything by it. It’s not even a proper promise. “

“Okay. I’ll try to not use that word.”

“Oh! What is it with men today and uncertainty? Aren’t you confident about anything at all? Not even a smallest thing about yourself?”

“Why, sir, of course I am. I know I will always try one more time.”

“I’d be happy if you told me you will get the job done no matter what the circumstances!”

“But, that is what i mean when i say ‘I’ll try’.”

“You want it to, but that’s not what it means. You don’t know the meaning at all!”

“Then what am i supposed to do? I think I’ve lost my meaning.”

“Oh poor boy! I ‘know’ you have, for you speak like a lost man.”

“Tell me then. What is to be done? How can i find my meaning again?”

“The more important question is, how did u lose it in the first place? Answer that first.”

“I don’t know.. I don’t know.. Won’t you help me find it?”

“Why do you always need my help? Do it on your own! Learn to solve your problems. Fight! Stand you ground! Get injured, but don’t get down! My help? I don’t help son.”

“What am i to do then? If you won’t help me I will be lost. I will not find my meaning. How can you be so unkind sir?”

“Only you can know what to do. Only you can find your meaning. Those who can’t don’t deserve to know. I may point you in the right direction or give you more options, but final choice is yours. Your decision will get you where you want to go.”

“Oh!! Everything is so confusing. How can you expect me to make anything out of all your gibberish! Why don’t you just tell me what I should do?”

“I told you son. Live!”

“Oh. that?! That’s not a big deal! I’ll try to do that sir. ”

” 🙂 “

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