It’s going to be, No. No. It has always been my becoming. Water. It gives me life. Strength. A strange kind of quiet almost like peace of mind. Water is everything. It is the origin and the end of life as we know. Nothing is possible without it. It takes away my pain. My past. My present. My future. Time altogether. There is nothing and nowhere and no time. Just me. Here. Now. Forever. Everywhere all at once. Me and the water. It’s so peaceful. It’s so clean and pure. If I could I’d lie all day in water. Stand under the cool sprinkle of the shower.
My problem is that I am easily bored. I need new things happening almost everyday. Sometimes multiple times in a day. Am i too uncurious? Now that’s not a word but, I didn’t know what else I should name it. So there it is. But I think you understand anyway. Not that I need the world to understand what I feel but words.. they just kind of give me a way, a method to express and communicate with my own self. This is me talking to myself. Just to clear my thoughts and my mind. And most importantly my heart. Because my mind already calculates everything and gives me a proper way to do things. Always. It is the heart that screws things up. Well, I am learning to build a bridge between the two of them. Slowly. Bit by bit. And I hope my mind can find ways to do things that my heart desires. Wishful thinking. Kinda like wishing for a rain in summar.
So two things I need. Water. All the time. Everywhere. And something to keep my self busy so that I don’t get bored. And third (yes, now it’s three things!) that bridge.

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