Struggling Cycles of Life

You sort of want and wish for certain things in life at certain points. And those things keep changing as the time that birthed them changes as well. You hit a roadblock and feel your whole world crumble in front of your eyes. But something makes you keep fighting, something makes you keep going and you do go ahead, survive and achieve the thing you thought once was unachievable. Then you keep sailing smoothly for a while and again get presented with newer sets of obstacles and things that make you plop down to the ground with fatigue. And this thing keeps happening throughout your life in cycles. That’s what life is about. A cycle of ups and downs that make you want to rip your heart out and at the same time make you want to soar to the sky with happiness.

Every time I feel like I have everything figured out in life, I get a curveball and all my confidence breaks down. I wonder all the time, is it the same for everyone? Does everyone around me also feel these same emotions of pain, disappointment, despair as I do? Do they feel it more? How do they cope with it? I keep wondering when will this cycle break? Will there come a time when I will not feel bogged down by the harsh realities of life filled with unfulfilled dreams and disappointing outcomes of expectations? Will I ever figure out my life and my purpose so I can live an interesting and purposeful life? I always keep wondering what is it that am I doing with my life and what is the purpose of this all? Hopefully, I’ll get an answer in the next cycle.