It’s going to be, No. No. It has always been my becoming. Water. It gives me life. Strength. A strange kind of quiet almost like peace of mind. Water is everything. It is the origin and the end of life as we know. Nothing is possible without it. It takes away my pain. My past. My present. My future. Time altogether. There is nothing and … Continue reading Water

Buring quills.. Burning hearts

Chandrakant bakshi says he grew up reading Russian, German, Dutch, Japanese and American writers who were legends. Hemingway, Boris Pasternak, Erich Maria Remarque… What are we growing up with? What is our youth ideal today? Katerina kaif? Salman Khan? Coding is my husband but writing? Writing is my lover. I turn to my lover when I am tired from my husband and I turn to … Continue reading Buring quills.. Burning hearts