She went to her usual place. As always she was feeling a little blue and suddenly there was only one place she wanted to go to. It was not very early. Not very late either. And she reached.

There he was! Today too she couldn’t see his face properly. He seemed friendly.. If only she could get a glimpse of his face! She wanted to make sure he had beautiful eyes. She didn’t know why the eyes tempted her so much. Maybe because they were always hidden behind the lock of his hair. He had the most silkiest hair she had ever seen. She looked at him and smiled. No response. He just started preparing for her usual order. Seeing that, she felt good. She knew he at least didn’t ignore her. Even remembered what she always ordered!

Only this time he seemed rather conscious in his movements. Like something was on his mind. She sat on the chair overlooking the street. Kept one eye on him. Staring at him while he worked effortlessly. If only he stopped working for a moment and just looked at her. It’d paint all her blues to a rainbow. Her order was complete. He wrapped it up and came over to give it to her. There! for a few seconds when his head was up the hair got out the way and she saw it. Yes, he had the most extraordinary eyes. At last the secret revealed. Before she could marvel some more the hair came sliding down like a curtain and hid everything again.

“Your chocolates ma’am”.

“Thank you”.

She couldn’t stop smiling all the way back home.

He had hoped she’d come. He waited and hoped everyday. Today she finally came. That intoxicating scent. That sweet voice. He wondered how she looked. He will always wonder. But for now, he couldn’t stop smiling.

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